Friday, 6 January 2012

My drafts for digi-pack back cover, inlays and poster

These are the drafts I drew when we were thinking about how we should design our digi-pack and poster. I decided I would use pictures of the band on everything so that they linked together and made the digi-pack and poster easily identifiable to the band.

Evaluation - Gemma Clarke

In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
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What have you learnt from your audience feedback?
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How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

This year we had better cameras to use for the production of our product. This gave us better quality videos than we were able to get last year. However when we were uploading the video clips to the imac computers and trying to put them on final cut express so that we could edit our video we had a problem because the file type wasn’t right. This meant we had to go through each clip we uploaded and convert them to FFMPGX files. 

We created an animatic this year using movie maker, paint and photoshop. We started by creating a normal storyboard similar to those we did last year when planning for our thriller film but then we scanned the storyboards on and used to paint to cut them into single pictures. We then used photoshop to edit the images and colour them in and finally we put them on moviemaker and edited them all together and added the song in the background. This meant we could watch through our storyboard and get a much better idea of what the finished product would look like than we could have with just the normal storyboards drawn on paper. This helped us see how things went together and what might not look too great. 

I have used a number of different forms of media to present my work that I hadn’t used before this year, such as Prezi which I used for my intrim task and evaluation. This allowed me to be able to make these tasks look more interesting than I’ve been able to before, it is like a powerpoint but I think it makes the information look more interesting. I also have used a voki for my evaluation. To do this I had to create a character and write some text for it to say. This displays the information in a more interesting way but I did have a problem when creating this as it only allowed room for a small amount of text which meant I had to create more than one when I would of liked it all to just be continuous and on the same one.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Youtube feedback

Callum Cole Evaluation Question 4.

How did you use different media technologies in the research, planning, construction and evaluation stages?

Callum Cole Evaluation Question 3.

What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

1st draft of music video…

We created our first draft of our music video and distributed it on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. This meant that we could contact people within our target audience to give us feedback on how to improve the video and what scenes they thought we should keep.

Screen grabs to show how we distributed the video on Facebook and Twitter.

This proved helpful as we learnt that the narrative we chose to follow was confusing to the audience and they thought that we should either make the narrative clearer or to get rid of the narrative overall.

According to Goodwin’s theory the lyrics of the song should have a relationship with the visuals on the screen. This is why we decided to have a narrative so that the audience could follow and understand the meaning of the lyrics.

Due to the audience feedback we decided to get rid of the narrative and fill the time with shots of the band rehearsing in the recording studios and having fun. As a group we believed this would still fit Goodwin’s Theory as the band are shown having fun and being ‘happy’. The lyrics of the song are “we’re so happy” this is why we had to have a fun upbeat feel to the video.

Song lyrics to show how we used Goodwin's theory

The audience also said that the chorus part of the video was to slow against the beat of the song. This is something we had to change as the cutting rhythm was not correct to fit the convention of all music videos. Another problem was that the sync of Ryli singing was not on point. This is something we corrected for our final draft.

Final music video…
To receive feedback on our final product we decided to upload the video on YouTube and then distribute the link on Facebook and Twitter and we also emailed our friends the link so they could watch and comment on the video.  This proved successful as it was a quick and easy way to receive feedback on the music video by what would be our target audience.  The comments we received on the social networking sites was very positive with no negative feedback at all. We received more in-depth feedback on YouTube; he mentioned that we ‘created a storyline to follow the lyrics of the song’. This shows that we were successful on our decision to get rid of the narrative and to show just backstage footage and performances.  Once again we did receive any negative comments on YouTube so the music video was successful in the eyes of our target audience.

Image of YouTube feedback.

First draft of Digi-pack…
We distributed the digipack on Facebook on the bands page. The first draft of our digipack was very bright with a lot of primary colours contrasting against each other; it followed the Pop genre more than the Indie. With the music video being more Indie than Pop our audience said that it was hard to identify both of the products. They also mentioned that they did not like the bright colours as it was a bit too contrasting and looked a bit too amateur. This made us want to change the whole colour scheme of the product to make sure it fit better in the indie genre and to make sure all the products created were identifiable to the audience.

First draft of digi-pack

Final draft of Digi-pack…
On the final draft of the digipack we decided to make the colours duller with a grey tone running throughout the products. We believed this would make the products more identifiable to the audience. The feedback that received with the changes made were that the audience now thought the colours were in the conventions of the Indie genre and that it looked less amateur. This meant we were successful in the changes that we had made.

Final draft of digipack.

First draft of advertisement…
We distributed the advertisement on Facebook on the bands page. Like the digipack the advert was bright in colour and received much of the same feedback from the audience. This made us decide that we were going to change the colour scheme to a grey tone but still have it to be easily identifiable to the audience. We also had to change some of the information about where to buy the album and when it is released as this was not clear to the audience.

Screen grab to show how the advertisement was distributed on Facebook.

Final draft of advertisement…
Due to our audience feedback we changed the colours scheme of the digipack to more a grey tone and changed the information about where to buy the album and when it was received. We believe it improved the products as it made them look more professional and suited the genre a lot more than the previous draft.
Final draft of advertisement.

Callum Cole Evaluation Question 2.

How effective is the combination of the your main product and ancilliary texts?

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Part 3.

Callum Cole Evaluation Question 1.

In what ways does your media products use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?